WP Aweber Personalizer Advanced Salespage

Finally with a few simple clicks…

Leverage The Power & Professionalism Of Adding PERSONALIZATION To Your WordPress Sales & Confirmation Pages Without The Nightmare  Of Dealing With One Line Of Code!

This Professional WordPress Plugin Will Let You Use Aweber’s Optin Form “Forward Variables,” To Personalize Your Visitor’s Experience While You Watch Your Conversions Skyrocket!


I realize that you may not even know what a “forward variable” is…

But if you will allow me a few brief moments of your valuable time, I will show you how POWERFUL this feature is, and why you no longer need to avoid it like the plague when it comes to designing High Converting WordPress pages…

Have you ever arrived at a sales page that was customized with your name, like this:

This techquique is accomplished buy using something in Aweber that is called “form variables.” A powerful, yet extremely complicated task when it comes to using it in WordPress!

In fact, it’s so complex, that Aweber recomends you don’t even attempt it:

So what do you do if you want to personalize your WordPress sales or confirmation pages?


If you are proficient with PHP or JavaScript you could create a static confirmation page to personalize with your subscribers details. But that requires knowing how to “Code” a page with PHP or JavaScript.

There is just simply NOT an Easy Way to personalize a WordPress Page or Post with the subscriber information sent from Aweber…




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Easy Installation

The install process for the plugin is a snap.


You can easily use your custom form variables on your page or post

Easy To Use

Easily add your personalization tags to any page or post with shortcodes available in the custom WYSIWYG Editor Button.

Step-by-step instructions

The easy to follow video instructions will walk you through everything you need to do with ease!


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Modify Code

You don’t need to modify your theme’s php code.

Nasty Error Messages

No more error messages when you enable the “forward variables” in aweber.


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Scott Case
Professional WordPress Plugin Developer


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